C4 Spring Catalyst Internship

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About The C4 Group

The C4 Group’s mission is to help
organizations impact culture by improving
their communities.
One of C4’s main priorities is to build
the leaders of the current and next

Interns will work in a unique “team model”
while receiving mentoring from the executive
staff while working on projects with a focus in:
• Community Engagement
• Office and Management Administration
• Marketing, Social Media, & Design
• Organizational & Nonprofit Leadership
• Complementor Coaching

More Information

“Working with the C4 Group this past semester as a Catalyst Intern has been such a great experience. This internship has helped me develop professionally as a young college graduate and helped prepare me for the busy, working world. One of my favorite parts throughout this internship was our weekly check-in meetings. These meetings were full of questions, advice and positivity! After this internship, I now feel more confident when interviewing and applying for jobs. I can’t wait to see where this internship with the C4 Group will take me next!”
— Jessica Barger, Catalyst Intern 2017

The Style Dots Catalyst Internship was an amazing experience, getting to work with professionals in the field was very insightful. The people that you get to work with give you resources and tips that not only benefit your professional goals but your personal ones as well. This isn’t a run of the mill internship where you are given non-industry tasks; they give you a broad range of projects to work on. Overall, I would recommend this program to people looking at exploring a wide range of departments. I’m very happy with my experience and if I had to do it all over again I would.
Stefanie Landeros

Spring Catalyst Internships span 3
working 10-15 hours a week
Interns will receive a stipend of $250



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