Caring 4 Foster Youth

Many youth have the support and love of a family to rely on every day. However, many that are aging out of foster care do not. These youth, who are considered fully independent at the age of 18 or 21, often are not prepared to enter the world alone, with little to no physical or emotional assistance. We know there are steps that can be taken to improve the lives of those who are or are near aging out of foster care, and it is with that heart The C4 Group is leading Caring 4 Foster Youth and actively advocating on these youth’s behalf amongst the four solution providers.

Caring 4 Foster Youth is a national initiative which began in 2005. The C4 Group is convinced that there are individuals, families, business leaders and faith leaders that will act as a catalyst in connecting some very deserving youth and young adults to an environment of encouragement and opportunity.

Life After Foster Care:

75% work below grade level, 20% become Homeless after age 18, 60% of girls have children within 4 years, 50% do not complete high school, 71% of young women will become pregnant by age 21, 51% are unemployed, 59% are more likely to get arrested, 40% are on welfare at ages18-2475% spend time in jail or prison, 10% are on probation