When Failure Dreams

By Monty L. Hipp
President & Founder, The C4 Group

For almost 20 years I spoke in schools across this country. It was one of the most rewarding adventures of my life. Looking back at old calendars and school contracts it is safe to say
that over two million youth were talked to. One of the presentations I did was a talk called When Failure Dreams. It was a presentation of my personal story of overcoming tremendous personal challenges. The talk was based upon a moment when my father made a statement to me that would
forever change my life. He uttered these words when I was 12 after asking him to go throw the football with me. “I don’t want to throw the football with you. In fact, I hate being around you. I hate you and wish you had never been born.” Those words led to a conversation with myself in the bathroom. It was on that day,talking to myself in a bathroom mirror, that I determined that I did not want
anyone to feel like I felt right then.

That was the moment that failure got a dream.

From that day forward it has been a part of my mission statement to inspire others towards positive life-action.

Today, you are receiving this email update from The C4 Group, the non-profit organization we founded that exists to help organizations impact culture by improving their communities and the lives of those they influence. We are an organization that exists to confront failure. Failure is a word that all too often seems to have a strangling grip on our current situations and future. There are without question moments when I felt like there was never going to be a dream that I would be able to accomplish. But through the strength of an amazing mom, a youth director who impacted my life, and important life choices; failure got a dream. Maybe you are facing a challenge that has failure knocking at your door today. Maybe someone has spoken words that hurt to the core of your being, and you feel like the dreams that you have had in the past are far removed from your current reality. If that is the case, let me challenge you to grab ahold of a new determination to not let failure be what you encounter in life, but rather let your failure or challenge inspire your dream. Determine that you will not allow someone or something else to cause you to become what you do not want to be.

Here at The C4 Group, we are working to help leaders and organizations help those that are facing failures form the past, challenges that currently stop their dreams. Your support of The C4 Group is helping us bring dreams to life for so many. We are in the midst of taking on bigger dreams and opportunities. We currently have a dream to place our Care Strategy into a thousand communities in the next three years, We are determined to see Questions to Live By, our life decision resource be presented to thousands of people to help them see dreams not failure.

Your involvement with us financially is needed more than ever. Our task is great
and the team we are building to carry that out is building. Please join us today by
participating financially with us. You can go online at and join
us in ensuring that we can help someone’s failure get a dream today.

Monty Hipp
President and Founder, The C4 Group

2016 End of Year Letter

“. . . thousands of people have been supported, helped, and cared for.”

“Hundreds of organizations have come together across the nation by utilizing the Care Strategy. Thousands of volunteers have been mobilized to bring measurable results and personal impact into the needs of so many deserving people.”