February Update

The C4 Group’s 4x4x4x4


What compels you to care and contribute?

Brandi C. Summers Dorsett
The C4 Group’s National Care Strategy Director

For anyone who knows Monty L. Hipp, C4 Group Founder and President, you are keenly aware that inspiring others towards positive life action compels him. Helping others win in life and leadership was a main focus and motive for Monty in launching The C4 Group in 2005.

Meeting needs and providing opportunities in community: The C4 Group impacts culture by improving community. Our Care Strategy model helps organizations have a game plan for bringing solutions to issues like poverty, homelessness, sex trafficking, and wellbeing.

We are moved hearing the success stories from Care Strategy locations across the country that are investing in others and helping them get the resources they need. Excitement rumbles through our office as we learn about the innovative collaborations between cities, schools, businesses, faith cooperative, and givers that are joining forces to do more together than they could ever accomplish on their own.

Our value of people, the belief that it matters and seeing what we do makes an impact – that is what drives our efforts. It helps combat the sense of being overwhelmed by the magnitude of needs and tough issues and replaces it with confidence that we can care and contribute in meaningful and critical ways.

We are thrilled to have you stay connected to our team and our important work. We hope you will be compelled to continue to care about meeting needs and providing opportunities to those in community – and that you will continue to contribute to The C4 Group so that we can continue to increase our positive impact in the lives of others.

Will you join our 4X Sprint Towards Spring – Care and Contribution Giving Campaign? Our C4 Board Members and our staff are each striving to connect with 4 individuals or organizations willing to give $400 over the next 4 months (March – June) to help 4 specific C4 Group projects. Give Today!

We are also asking you to be part of our 4X efforts! Email us today sapna@c4group.org to let us know that you are willing to be part of our 4X this spring and we will send you a personal thank you note, as well as, more information about how your care and contribution are changing lives through these 4 targeted C4 Projects! Thank you for your continued support and for being part of inspiring others toward positive life action!



4X Sprint towards Spring 2017

4 Individuals or Organizations

4 Months – March to June 2017

$400 (each individual or organization donates $400 over the span of 4 months)

4 Projects

MN Care Strategy – mentoring, poverty, education, mental health, drug and alcohol abuse

LA Care Strategy – identifying needs and opportunities in community and collaboration

QTLB – A life of justice – faith based curriculum helping bring solution to human trafficking

Catalyst Interns – investing emerging leaders