2018 Winter Update

The C4 Winter 2018 Update!

By Brandi C. Summers Dorsett

The C4 Group Care Strategy positions organizations to be at the center of solution in community.

Center. The definition of center includes: a point, area, person, or thing that is most important or pivotal in relation to an indicated activity, interest, or condition.

Center of Solution in Community:The C4 Group Care Strategy positions organizations to be at the center of solution in community. Our community engagement model champions collaboration across sectors – providing the four key solution providers (government, corporations, faith cooperative, and givers) a pathway and permission slip for partnership.

Care Strategy Location Led – central approach for effective community engagement: Is your organization at the center of solution in community? Are you utilizing a targeted and data driven approach to lend credibility and rally other entities to align efforts? Do you have a comprehensive game plan to move beyond current good efforts to increase collective impact? Are community members and key leaders involved in helping identify needs and desired opportunities in community – and how to find ongoing solutions towards those ends? Are community engagement efforts adding a vibrancy to your organization and serving as part of your DNA? Our C4 Group Care Strategy – Location Led model is your positive answer to all of these questions.

An excellent team is at the center of The C4 Group success: We are off to a solid start for 2018! Our theme this year is “Move”. Building on our mission and core values we are leveraging wins and momentum to move to a new level of effectiveness and influence. At the center of our success is a quality and talented team. We are thrilled to have Marshall Snider join The C4 Group as our NW Regional Director. Becoming a part of the C4 team is a natural fit for Marshall, because his mission statement includes modeling
and inspiring people towards greatness in life and leadership.

Catalyst Internship — a central focus: Our core value of investing in emerging leaders continues to be a central focus for us. The C4 Group Catalyst Internship Experience draws students locally and from across the nation. Our intentional approach to providing a meaningful and valuable learning experience is helping students further their career aims, grow and develop personally and professionally, and win in life and leadership. We are excited to announce we still have a few openings for spring and summer internship opportunities.

What is at your center: What about you? What is at the center of your attention, aspirations, and aims this year? Our team at The C4 Group would be honored to be part of that answer. We would love to hear from you about what matters to you and details about your current endeavors. We would be glad to connect with you about our various resources and trainings to help you and your organization succeed. And we would be
grateful to have you join our efforts though ongoing support and donations to our organization.

You are central: Our C4 team thanks you! Thank you for being financially involved; your involvement is central to helping individuals and leaders have access to resources to more effectively meet needs and provide opportunities in community.

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